It’s still marketing, Mark.

After watching this weeks required viewing – Mark Ritson’s presentations at mUmBRELLA “Beyond Digital Marketing: Why the D-word is Hurting Marketers”[1], and “Why Social Media is a Mostly Waste of Time for Marketers” (Marketing Week)[2], it wouldn’t surprise me if you believed that Digital and social media are not important for marketers. In my blog […]

Click Farms: An ethical dilemma in launching a new brand

Imagine after months of hard work and market research you have developed and are ready to launch the perfect lipstick brand.  Everything you’ve done so far predicts that this will be a winner in the competitive cosmetic market. It’s environmentally friendly, not tested on animals, has shades for all skin colours, and stays on without […]

It’s digital, but it’s still just marketing

This week’s topic of Digital media and Integrated marketing communications (IMC), highlights a growing concern of mine that Digital Marketing is treated as new and a separate discipline to traditional Marketing, and shares the title of my blog. Universities and other organisations offer courses in Digital Marketing as a separate stand-alone subject – positioned as […]

The benefits of analytics for small business.

Website analytics can provide an organisation very rich data about the performance of its website and marketing campaigns allowing for quick tweaking to strategies and implementation of promotions in real time. So why do so few companies, especially small businesses use it? In a study in the United States it was discovered that less than […]

The Internet of Things (IoT) and our responsibility as marketers.

The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. The falling costs of sensors and microprocessors coupled with an increase of wireless networks, has made it possible to turn anything, from a pill, to a smart watch […]

Mobile Marketing: when it can hurt your brand

There is no doubt that mobile marketing is different that marketing designed for other devices and media.  For one thing, mobile phone ownership is nearly ubiquitous in Australia with 87% of Australian’s owning a smart phone (Yellow Social Media Report, 2018). Additionally, the relationship we have with our phones, is unlike any other device, according […]

How do we know if viral marketing is effective?

In 2013, Lufthansa Airlines was in a price war with other airlines on its busiest route – Stockholm to Berlin. To change the dialogue – and shift the focus away from pricing, Lufthansa created a viral promotional campaign challenge called “Are you Klaus-Heidi?”  Now I must come clean and say that this is one of […]

Is the Hodis Facebook Segmentation Matrix Useful in Real Life?

Proper segmentation is the first step in building a scalable, efficient and effective marketing communications strategy.[1] If facilitates effective targeting and saves money by allowing us to direct our marketing budgets more effectively by focusing only profitable or desirable segments – moving away from broad or mass approaches. In their academic paper by Monica Hodis […]

Should you be friends with Facebook?

Facebook by all measures has been an incredible success story.  From humble beginnings in Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room, to a global juggernaut – all in span of few years not decades. Globally there are more than 2.32 billion monthly active users[1] and is increasing, with a net worth of over $US138 billion. If Facebook were […]